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Our main focus is on delivering medical and nursing English education for multicultural communication in the field of healthcare. Our English courses are designed to help students become independent, lifelong learners and healthcare professionals who can utilize English in medical contexts and contribute to the local and global community.

In the School of Medicine, we provide English for Medical Purposes (EMP) courses to 1st-year through 3rd-year students. We help students acquire the four general English skills of speaking, listening, writing, and reading. Concurrently, we provide English classes which focus on grammar and vocabulary, medical terminology, reading and writing for research, and presentations.

In the School of Nursing, we provide classes to 1st-year and 2nd-year students. We aim to help students acquire general English skills with a focus on communication. We then advance to practical English conversation for nursing, and reading comprehension of medical, nursing and cross-cultural communication texts to prepare students for future studies in nursing.

Contact Information

TEL: / FAX: / Email: yshibuya@kanazawa-med.ac.jp



  • SHIBUYA Yoshiho 英語4澁谷

Senior Assistant Professor

  • BURKE Steven Thomas
  • WOODS Craig
  • IKENAKA Masami

Research Achievements

Research Activities

  • Kawahara S, Masuda H, Erickson D, Moore J, Suemitsu A, Shibuya Y. Quantifying the effects of vowel quality and preceding consonants on jaw displacement: Japanese data. (2014) Journal of Phonetic Society of Japan.
  • Kawahara S, Erickson D, Moore J, Suemitsu A, Shibuya Y. Jaw displacement and metrical structure in Japanese: The effect of pitch accent, foot structure, and phrasal stress. (2014) Journal of Phonetic Society of Japan.
  • Erickson D, Moore J, Suemitsu A, Shibuya Y, Tiede M. Comparison of jaw displacement patterns of Japanese and American speakers of English: A preliminary report. (2014) Journal of Phonetic Society of Japan.
  • Erickson D, Kawahara S, Williams J.C, Moore J, Suemitsu A, Shibuya Y. Metrical structure and jaw displacement: An exploration. Speech Prosody 2014 (Dublin, Ireland, May 2014), pp. 300-303.
  • Erickson D, Kawahara S, Moore J, Menezes C, Suemitsu A, Kim J, Shibuya Y. Calculating articulatory syllable duration and phrase boundaries. ISSP2014 (Cologne, Germany, May 2014), pp. 102-105.

External Research Funding

  • A grant-in-aid for scientific research from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (C) (2013-15) (25370444) Yoshiho Shibuya